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Business Air is a private aviation company that offers bespoke services for aircraft owners and operators. We are headquartered in Seattle, WA, with additional operational base in Long Beach, CA. Since 2001, we have been advocating for private and corporate aircraft owners, insulating them from the obligations and nuisances of owning and operating an aircraft.

We are pleased to offer a selection of options for aircraft management, compliance and support whether an aircraft is operated by Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Part 91 or Part 135 standards. We structure the management program tailored to the owner’s needs and their aircraft.

At Business Air, your safety is our paramount mission. We are an audited, ARG/US Gold safety rated company currently pursuing IS-BAO Certification. This standard and pursuit of excellence demonstrates that we have a history of operational standards that exceed the majority of our peers in the industry.

If you choose our services, you will notice the difference. Come fly with us.

Maintain your aircraft’s value.

Business Air proudly offers professional and detail oriented in-house maintenance management for your aircraft. This level of service is ultimately desired to preserve your aircraft's maximum value. We accomplish this through a proactive and preventative attitude that is at the core of our company. Aircraft airworthiness, regulatory compliance, effective maintenance planning, logbook records preservation, and client advocacy are just the beginning of what our clients observe when utilizing our maintenance management.

Part 135 v. Part 91

If offsetting fixed costs is a client’s goal while the aircraft is not utilized, Business Air has “ten or more” Part 135 FAA authorization to commercially operate aircraft of any size in nearly any corner of the world. This is where we put your asset to work for you. All aspects of managing our client's needs and their asset will be handled with expertise and professionalism whether Part 91 or 135. 

Flight Coordination

The professionals at Business Air are unparalleled in arranging a frictionless experience in travel. When we manage your aircraft, it will be meticulously maintained and ready to fly when you are. No matter where you travel, our dedicated team will oversee every detail of your journey. From keeping you on schedule all the way down to the softness of the pillows in the cabin, no detail will evade the attention of our staff.

Reap the benefits when your plane is idle.

Many of our clients offset the cost of ownership with charter revenue that capitalizes on aircraft availability. Our exclusive and thoroughly vetted client list has been derived through strong relationships (with industry brokers, charter operators, and fractional ownership companies) and a strong marketing presence that utilizes the latest digital marketing strategies. Plus, our charter representatives offer years of experience generating and qualifying prospects and closing business in the charter market.

Acquisitions and Sales

Business Air is more than an experienced broker of aircraft. We are a trusted partner to our clients, working to maximize the value on every transaction we undertake. Our wide range of expertise as an owner/operator is what sets us apart. We have the ability to provide thorough understanding of a client's needs, market analysis, life-cycle cost analysis, advertising, and advocacy every step of the way. 

Aircraft Acquisitions

While anyone with the means can purchase an aircraft, it takes years of experience in the market and decades of operating a wide range of business aircraft to know you have found the right aircraft for your mission. We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients have been well served when they complete their purchase.
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Aircraft Sales            

With our experience of selling aircraft for both ourselves and for our clients, we have built up a base of knowledge and worldwide contacts that can help us locate a buyer for your aircraft. Our expertise can help us position the aircraft at the right price for the market. And once a deal is struck, we can help shepherd you through the complicated process of a sale.
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You will notice the difference in our service.

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