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When you fly by private jet,
you fly on your schedule.

Nothing can take the productivity out of a day quicker than having to wait in line, check-in, wait again, and then get crammed onto an overbooked flight. When you fly privately, you and your team can go where you want when you want and work uninterrupted while you're doing it. The best thing about flying privately for business is being home in time for that little league game or dinner with the family.

If you're traveling for pleasure, there's nothing pleasurable about going commercially on commercial airliners. When you fly privately, your vacation starts when you get to the airport. All of your needs will be anticipated, and any changes you wish to make, whether it be your schedule or destination, can be accommodated.

Leave behind the hassle and stress of a commercial flight. Take the next step on your next journey, fly privately.

What does a private jet flight look like?

The difference between flying private and flying on a commercial airliner is apparent from the first moment you contact us. Besides getting your intended schedule, we will ask you a series of questions designed to enable us to anticipate your needs.

When you arrive at the airport, you'll be introduced to your flight crew and shown directly to your aircraft. After you are settled in the cabin, we will go over all of the safety information pertinent to your aircraft and we'll be on our way. It's as simple as that. Your meticulously maintained and luxuriously appointed cabin will give you access to all of the entertainment and refreshment requirements you determined prior to arriving at the airport. If there's anything else we can do to make you more comfortable, you need only ask.

Arriving at your destination, you'll find any ground transportation you require and a game plan for your return flight. We can also help you with dinner reservations, entertainment options, and accommodations if you wish.

When you fly privately, our only aim is to make you as comfortable as possible throughout your journey.

Why choose
Business Air?

Since 2001, Business Air™ has offered travelers the finest bespoke private jet charters. All of our private jets and turboprops  are meticulously maintained and come with beautifully appointed interiors and exteriors.

Your safety is always our top priority. We take pride in exceeding the highest level of safety standards. From our aircraft pilots to our appointed maintenance staff, we guarantee  absolute compliance and exceed FAA standards. 

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You will notice the difference in our service.

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