there is no higher priority

We fly every flight as though our family was aboard. This statement of commitment to safety drives every decision we make. Before dispatch, every one of our flight operations is scrutinized by our Risk Analysis program and then adjusted as necessary. It’s our commitment to safety that drives us to train and retrain our crews to the highest standard. And it’s why we have one of the best safety records in aviation.

Our pilots have a reputation for excellence

At Business Air all our flight crew members are highly experienced in the aircraft they fly and all carry the FAA’s highest certification level, the “Airline Transport Pilot” rating. All receive advanced simulator training and check-outs every 6 months as well as in-aircraft line observation and certification by FAA inspectors. All simulator training is completed at state-of-the-art facilities by objective third-party instructors. This ensures ratings and certifications on which our clients can rely.

The world’s best pilot training

What aspect of our operations that all of our clients agree on is that the training of our flight crews turn is of paramount importance. That's why we have chosen the two best flight training facilities in the world, Flight Safety International and CAE. Both of these training facilities have state-of-the-art equipment, training programs, and world-class instructors.

Rated Gold by the most stringent rating agency.

Recognized among the best rating agencies for aviation, an ARGUS Gold Rating is well known worldwide as an extremely high standard of excellence. Our passengers feel confident knowing that their safety is our priority. They can rest assured that we are continually monitored by ARGUS for safety and training to ensure we are among the best in the aviation industry.

What all this means is we have the trained pilots, flight crews, maintenance crews, and operational support to make every flight a safe and enjoyable experience.

Fly with us and you will see the difference.

You will notice the difference in our service.

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